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Company Emergency Response Measures (Bhv) – EN explanation

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The Basic Company Emergency Response Measures e-learning in English – flexible and accessible to everyone.


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Company Emergency Response Measures (BHV) – EN explanation

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The English language is frequently present in the Netherlands. Children already learn English at primary school, a lot of literature is in English during their studies and in the workplace it is increasingly common that the language of instruction is English.

Many foreign organizations have a branch in the Netherlands where English is often spoken. There are also employees from abroad who come to the Netherlands to continue their working life, but do not speak the language (yet).

Because the Company Emergency Response Measures are important for everyone, and therefore also for English speaking colleagues, the Emergency Response eBits have been translated into English.

This e-learning course consists of 20 short modules, called eBits.

Because of this set up, customization is possible: all or some modules can be used  in any desired composition. Perfect to make a composition for an extensive basic set or a smaller selection for a repeat set.

Each part consists of an introduction, theory and 5 varied test questions that are offered at random.

All benefits at a glance:

  • More user-friendliness for the student because the teaching material can be run through, repeated or revised per small part instead of large chapters.
  • Specific components can be tested directly.
  • The curriculum can be completed “demand-oriented”.
  • More freedom of choice for organization and student.
  • Customization for organization possible.
  • First response rules, reporting and procedures
  • Communication and means of communication
  • Evacuation procedures and planning
  • Roles and tasks in an evacuation
  • Evacuation measures
  • Fire general theory
  • Dangerous substances
  • Door procedures if there is a fire
  • Tackling a fire
  • The first link in providing emergency assistance
  • Breathing (general)
  • Consciousness and causes of interruptions to it
  • Circulation
  • Burns
  • Minor accidents
  • Minor wounds
  • Bones, muscles and joints
  • Circulatory arrest/resuscitation
  • AED

Target group: the e-learning is aimed at anyone who wants to follow an English theory course Company Emergency Response Measures

Number of eBits:  20 

Average duration: 8 minutes per eBit

Course format: Online instruction module with key questions

Suitable for: PC/laptop/tablet/smartphone

Content developed by: G4S

Illustrations by: Geoffrey Cramm

€25,- per person (excl. VAT).

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